Proyecto de salón en vivienda Mataró
Interior design and decoration services in Barcelona %sep% %sitename%
Reforma integral salón Barcelona

Interior design services in Barcelona, with more than 25 years of experience. We adapt to your needs.

Proyecto de salón en vivienda Mataró

The day to day of our interior design company is characterized by the rhythm of the services we offer. Throughout the more than 25 years since we created Tinda’s Project, we have been expanding and perfecting them to cover all the demands requested by the client who enters our interior design studio in Barcelona or who contacts us from anywhere else.

Most of our projects are residential, covering all types of housing -flats, single-family houses, penthouses, apartments, studios, lofts…-, located in cities, in the countryside, or near the sea. In all cases, the starting point is always the same: to know the personality of the person who is going to enjoy the house.

The project itself is the one that marks the intervention that we will carry out, is specialized in developing services of interior design and decoration in works of measure integral reform with the possibility of offering a turnkey service.

Reforma integral Barcelona
Interior design and decoration services in Barcelona %sep% %sitename%
Diseño de salón en piso Barcelona
Elegante cocina abierta a salón

In addition to residential projects, we also do contract projects, such as hotels and restaurants, being aware that these works always require a step beyond in terms of quality, comfort, harmony, details, etc., since the goal is to satisfy a diverse and demanding visitor who seeks spaces where to enjoy multiple experiences at a particular time.

Other services that we develop are included in the retail sector, transferring the essence of the brand to its commercial public space so that the visitor interacts with what is exposed there. And we also have work done in corporate offices.

And if the project, whatever type it is, requires it because it has outdoor spaces (gardens, terraces, patios, etc.), in Tinda’s Project we have our landscaping department, thus closing the circle to offer a comprehensive service that brings together interior and exterior.

In each one of our services, the reason to be is to be found in the personalized treatment we offer. Only in this way we can guarantee the success and satisfaction of a job well done.

Salón de estilo mediterráneo