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Interior designers in Barcelona, close and personalized service.
In our interior design studio, we offer tailor-made solutions for each client.

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As an interior design studio, at Tinda’s Project, we offer comprehensive interior design services tailored to each client’s needs. To do this, we devise the project together from scratch and solve all the doubts related to the interior design of each space. How? We have a coffee while we talk in our interior design studio in Barcelona because for us, “the most important thing is to listen to the client and know what they need, what they feel, know their way of living and discover what they want to convey. In short, capturing their personality,” explains interior designer Eva Mesa.

That’s why each project is unique and personal, because for us “the house has to be the best version of you”. And this is something that the client perceives as soon as he enters our interior design company.

We can also meet at your home to see how you live and how you want to live. We can talk, listen, empathize, get to know you… And then we can suggest to you any of our interior design services.

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Wherever we have the meeting, the whole Tinda’s Project team seeks to generate a close atmosphere, where the relationship is ‘face to face’, not so much between interior designer and client. We like to transmit security, tranquillity, and familiarity, sensations that will accompany us throughout the process of the work, whether it is a renovation or new construction, residential or contract, until the moment of the delivery of the turnkey project.

Our clients are our best inspiration in every project. We enjoy with them discovering how each detail will be and what essence will impregnate each environment in the decoration of the design spaces. We study the interior design project and prepare the proposals to adapt to what you need thinking about the furniture, lighting, textiles…

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What does an interior design project consist of? 

As we have mentioned previously, in Tinda’s Project we understand that the first step of an interior design project is contact with the client. It is the only way to know what are their needs, lifestyle, habits, etc. And not only that but their tastes and aesthetic preferences.  


What is the work of an interior design studio? 

From this moment on, our work as interior designers begin. We go to the house to take measurements, feel the space and analyse it to develop possible project proposals that improve its functionality and aesthetics. 

In the first phase, we study distributions and installations. And we present to the client our first distribution ideas to see if they are in line with their approach.  

Subsequently, we make a selection and design of furniture, materials, and finishes according to the room, lighting intentions, decorative objects, etc. All these aspects look for aesthetic harmony between themselves. 

To ensure that the project materializes correctly, it is necessary to generate a series of specific documentation with technical and detailed plans so that the result is similar to the idea projected on paper.