Contract projects. We are passionate about interior design in hotels.

Hotels have always been special spaces, part of something different; they are spaces which to create memories, live new experiences, to find the warmth of a home and the elegance of design in the very same room. A hotel is an environment in which each space makes the difference and in which all the details define and create the necessary harmony so that your experience is unique.

For that reason, when we tackled down an interior design that involves hotel décor, we focus on the quality and care without forgetting about the warmth that we want our clients to experience. From the bed settings of a room to the intensity of the lighting and design of a teaspoon, we take care of everything.

We aim to understand how textures, smells and environments mix and are embodied within the person that will enjoy it, that will enjoy the perception we have sought for that moment and the characteristics that define the design of that hotel.