Interior design and decoration of hotels in Barcelona %sep% %sitename%
Interior design and decoration of hotels in Barcelona %sep% %sitename%

Contract projects. We are passionate about interior design in hotels.

A hotel is always a special place that is part of something more. A space in which to create memories, live new experiences, and find the warmth of a home and the elegance of design. An environment in which the welcome of the clients makes the difference, and the details define and create the harmony necessary for the experience to be unique. An experience that is enjoyed with all five senses and that generates the desire to repeat, to come back to that hotel.

That is why, when we talk about hotel interior design projects, we are obsessed with the quality of the materials and the care of every detail, but we also focus on the most emotional part, because we must not forget that, nowadays, the hotel seeks to be the experience itself. From the sheet of a room, the dim light of a lounge, and the touch of a coffee spoon.

That’s the thing about contract projects, mainly hotels, and extensible to restaurants. They are projects that always involve going further in quality, comfort, harmony, design, details… We like to think about how textures, smells, and even sounds intermingle in the different environments of these spaces, generating in the person who enjoys them, the perception that we have sought for that moment and that place, defined by interior design and designer decoration.

Unlike retail spaces, where the experience lasts for a few hours, in hotels the aim is to ensure that the experience is perpetuated and maintained for several days and even ‘in crescendo’ with time because the wellbeing it transmits encourages this. Furthermore, as an interior design studio, in hotels, we must be able to satisfy diverse and very demanding visitor who is used to traveling and knows what they want in their accommodation.