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Interior decorators in Barcelona. We work for your home or business.

Interior decorators in Barcelona%sep% %sitename%

In addition to interior designers in Barcelona, we also position ourselves as interior decorators and we work on the decoration of your home or business in the same way that we work on the interior design of your design spaces.

Interior design and decoration go hand in hand to achieve unique spaces, to have those environments with personality, yours, yours, which reflects the essence of a way of living and enjoying spaces. We love to transmit and reflect people through the spaces and, as decorators, we are passionate about being able to do it through the warmth of colors, the nobility of materials, and the essence of the details in each project.

Hand in hand with the client we enjoy the process that represents the implementation of a decoration project, choosing the colors, textiles, and furniture that will define each space. Without forgetting to select lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere, which makes you really feel that you are at home, a feeling that we look for even when it comes to a hotel.

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At Tinda’s Project, we make personalized service the reason to be of our projects, whether residential, contract, or retail, and the unmistakable seal of each of the details we choose, always hand in hand with the client. That is why custom design is part of our ‘savoir-faire’.

In practically all our projects we work with custom-made furniture, creating ‘ad-hoc’ pieces with a design that defines us as an interior design studio in Barcelona. And we do the same with the confection and with that product that the client requests. This is the only way we can offer a customized, unique, and personal interior design and decoration project, with the possibility of applying it also to landscaping projects, where we implement the same work philosophy.


What is the difference between interior design and decoration?  

These two terms are often confused. The difference between the two is that interior design builds the interior space, while decoration intervenes in a space that is not going to be rebuilt or renovated on-site. Decoration intends to optimize the aesthetics or appearance through furniture, materials, or lighting without intervening in the architecture, just combining components and reorganizing.  

In short, decoration is a branch of interior design. And in our team at Tinda’s Project, we are interior designers and decorators in Barcelona, so because of our experience we can address both.