Interior design

As an interior design studio, at Tinda’s Project, we offer comprehensive interior design services tailored to each client’s needs. To do this, we devise the project together from scratch and solve all the doubts related to the interior design of each space. How? We have a coffee while we talk in our interior design studio in Barcelona because for us, “the most important thing is to listen to the client and know what they need, what they feel, know their way of living and discover what they want to convey. In short, capturing their personality,” explains interior designer Eva Mesa.

That’s why each project is unique and personal, because for us “the house has to be the best version of you”. And this is something that the client perceives as soon as he enters our interior design company.

We can also meet at your home to see how you live and how you want to live. We can talk, listen, empathize, get to know you… And then we can suggest to you any of our interior design services.


In addition to interior designers in Barcelona, we also position ourselves as interior decorators and we work on the decoration of your home or business in the same way that we work on the interior design of your design spaces.

Interior design and decoration go hand in hand to achieve unique spaces, to have those environments with personality, yours, yours, which reflects the essence of a way of living and enjoying spaces. We love to transmit and reflect people through the spaces and, as decorators, we are passionate about being able to do it through the warmth of colors, the nobility of materials, and the essence of the details in each project.

Hand in hand with the client we enjoy the process that represents the implementation of a decoration project, choosing the colors, textiles, and furniture that will define each space. Without forgetting to select lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere, which makes you really feel that you are at home, a feeling that we look for even when it comes to a hotel.


Knowing how to transfer the essence of the commercial brand to its public space and that the visitor interacts with what is available there is the key to Tinda’s Project’s success in this type of project. And to achieve this, the first step is to understand the users, which is the best way to create a bond with them. This is our way of understanding retail. Discovering your brand, and your philosophy and creating an atmosphere that defines it through the design of the commercial space.

The aim is to get your customers to come to you and enjoy the moment, the small details that make the difference and represent you as a commercial brand. And not only that, but also the warm and welcoming atmosphere that seduces and communicates what you want to transmit and that we, as an interior design studio, must capture in the premises, making the user feel that the place is as they had imagined it, identifying with all the values of the brand, and enjoying the atmosphere, but also the products.


Design is also in outdoor spaces. And in knowing how to merge the interior design of a home or hotel with the terrace or garden, with the idea that they blend as a single space. This is what we mean when we talk about creating continuity between indoors and outdoors. It is the way to close the circle in the design of spaces, offering clients an integral project that arises from the sum of both.

How do landscaping and interior design relate to each other? What should the garden be like? What will it contribute to the lives of the people who will live in this living space? What is clear to us in our Barcelona landscaping studio is that we always carry out a tailor-made project, intending to implement nature in its maximum expression. “These open-air living spaces respond to the desire to create highly concentrated pockets of beauty where the interaction between nature and people can be enhanced,” explains landscape designer Manuel MaĆ­llo.


A hotel is always a special place that is part of something more. A space in which to create memories, live new experiences, and find the warmth of a home and the elegance of design. An environment in which the welcome of the clients makes the difference, and the details define and create the harmony necessary for the experience to be unique. An experience that is enjoyed with all five senses and that generates the desire to repeat, to come back to that hotel.

That is why, when we talk about hotel interior design projects, we are obsessed with the quality of the materials and the care of every detail, but we also focus on the most emotional part, because we must not forget that, nowadays, the hotel seeks to be the experience itself. From the sheet of a room, the dim light of a lounge, and the touch of a coffee spoon.

That’s the thing about contract projects, mainly hotels, and extensible to restaurants. They are projects that always involve going further in quality, comfort, harmony, design, details… We like to think about how textures, smells, and even sounds intermingle in the different environments of these spaces, generating in the person who enjoys them, the perception that we have sought for that moment and that place, defined by interior design and designer decoration.

Unlike retail spaces, where the experience lasts for a few hours, in hotels the aim is to ensure that the experience is perpetuated and maintained for several days and even ‘in crescendo’ with time because the wellbeing it transmits encourages this. Furthermore, as an interior design studio, in hotels, we must be able to satisfy diverse and very demanding visitor who is used to traveling and knows what they want in their accommodation.

Integral Makeover

At Tinda’s Project, we carry out tailor-made integral refurbishment projects. The first step to assess the size and scope of the project is to meet with the client to solve together the doubts and analyse what are their needs, desires, etc., and in turn, those of the property or premises itself. From then we decide, from our interior design studio in Barcelona, if the project requires an integral reform and, therefore, we must take care of all the phases, including the management and control of the construction management.

The starting point is different depending on the type of project (residential, commercial, hotel, etc.), but the objective is common and is none other than to cover the entire work process required, from start to finish, and with the intention of ‘bothering’ the client as little as possible.

Turnkey Contract

From the first moment we contact the client to assess a project, we let them know that our interior design studio in Barcelona will take care of coordinating all the phases of the refurbishment, right up to the delivery of the turnkey project. Our first objective is to reassure you that you don’t have to worry about anything or carry out any formalities and that you can and should forget about the complications that are always involved in a building project.

Whether it is a complete renovation of a house, a landscaping project for a garden, the decoration of a second home, the refurbishment and interior design of a hotel, or the implementation of commercial retail space, we take full responsibility for the development of the work, from start to finish and hand in hand with our team of interior designers and decorators, committing ourselves to meet the budget and the agreed deadlines.

Among the main advantages that we offer with this type of turnkey project, apart from those already mentioned, is that the client has direct contact with the studio and, more specifically, with the person responsible for the project, who is the one who always controls the status of the situation and with whom they can consult any questions that may arise.