Interior design

At Tinda’s Project, we offer complete and comprehensive interior design services. Together with you, we come up with projects, we solve your concerns regarding the design of your space and we treat you to a coffee while we plan how to turn your project into a place to enjoy, live and experience. A coffee and your idea are the starting points, all the way to us handing you your house keys back.

Our clients are our inspiration. We thrive through the process of discovering every detail of the project and the future essence that will reflect in each room. We design spaces where you will feel yourself.

Should you prefer to arrange a meeting at your place so we have the chance to get familiar with your lifestyle and your expectations, we could meet you there! We understand that we need to converse, listen and empathize so we can reform, makeover and decorate either your home or your commerce. We analyze the project and custom the suggestions, so we adapt ourselves to your needs concerning furniture, lighting, decoration…

We conceive interior design as the creation of utterly personalized space tailored to you. A personal space that welcome you while it makes you feel at home.


We decorate your home; we turn it into a livable space. We choose the colors, the fabrics and the furniture that will define the space. We will also select a lighting in order to create a welcoming atmosphere. And we will think about the arrangements of the most carefully chosen textiles to dress every corner.

Interior design and decor pursue together the completion of unique spaces, atmospheres with character. Rooms that welcome and that tell stories. We intend to transmit and reflect the people connected to those spaces through the design of their rooms and, as designers, we thrive through the possibility of making that aim true by tailoring the warmth of colors, the nobility of the materials and the essence of the details in each project.


We understand our clients in the best possible way in pursuance of interacting and connecting with them, reflecting the way in which we understand retail. We will help you discover your brand, your philosophy, and we will contribute to creating the atmosphere that will define your brand through the design your commercial space.

We succeed in attracting clients and we manage to make them enjoy every moment of the design process, every little detail that can make a difference and that represent them; we aim the client to offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere that seduces you and stands for what you believe.

Our work as interior designers dedicated to retail involves communicating the essence of your brand through the design of a space that embodies a unique character, that transmits your personal charm and that will make an unmatchable experience that will allow your customers to forget the they are in a commercial space. How can we help?


Design goes beyond walls. Beyond home decor, terrace design or gardening, where it merges and becomes one. How do landscaping and interior design interact? How ought the garden to be? How can we improve the quality of life of the people who will inhabit that living space?

We design gardens, terraces in the attics and all kinds of green spaces from our studio in Barcelona, finding how to conjoint nature and the urban lifestyle together and creating innovative projects that will provide each exterior with a unique atmosphere attuned with your home. Our exterior design team, formed by landscapers and agronomists, are aware of the importance of integrating each element within design projects in which the interior and the exterior merge.


Hotels have always been special spaces, part of something different; they are spaces which to create memories, live new experiences, to find the warmth of a home and the elegance of design in the very same room. A hotel is an environment in which each space makes the difference and in which all the details define and create the necessary harmony so that your experience is unique.

For that reason, when we tackled down an interior design that involves hotel décor, we focus on the quality and care without forgetting about the warmth that we want our clients to experience. From the bed settings of a room to the intensity of the lighting and design of a teaspoon, we take care of everything.

We aim to understand how textures, smells and environments mix and are embodied within the person that will enjoy it, that will enjoy the perception we have sought for that moment and the characteristics that define the design of that hotel.

Integral Makeover

At Tinda’s Project, we conduct bespoke interior decor projects that includes an integral makeover. We meet with you; we answer any concern you may have, and we analyze what are your expectations regarding your space. We will meet for a coffee and consider different proposals so you can decide whether you will want us to undertake all stages of your total makeover and so you do not need to worry about anything.

Not only we do design spaces, but we also create bespoke designs. As a result, we believe that no place is too big or too small. We pride ourselves of being on site together with professionals who take care of the technical details of each project.

Turnkey Contract

At our interior design studio, we take care of coordinating all the stages of the makeover of your turnkey project, from the very start to the moment you enter your home, in order to not bother you with any paperwork and so you can forget about any readjustments the project may arise. Since our team of interior designers and decorators will be by your side at every phase of the project until the completion of the makeover, you will not have to do anything but talk about the set up requirements and, the next thing you know, is your finished home, your commercial space or office ready to move in.