A complete renovation tailor-made for a new life

Beethoven, Barcelona
Diseño de salón
Cocina abierta cristalera
Diseño recibidor
Diseño de salón en ático de Barcelona

In the living-dining room, the blue tone requested by the owner stands out, due to its Mediterranean connotations.

Reformar sala d'estar en àtic de Barcelona
Reforma salón en Barcelona
Diseño de exterior y paisajismo terraza
Diseño de exterior y paisajismo terraza
Reforma habitación suite
Reforma habitación suite
Reforma lavabo

There are interior design projects that enhance the value of personalization right from the front door, and this is one of them. It is part of the magic of an integral reform, the ability to create a customized home, in this case, for a homeowner who is starting a new stage in her life.  The interior design studio Tinda's Project knows a lot about listening to what the client needs and feels. "It is a process that accompanies the evolution of the work, in a close atmosphere, with the idea of bringing out the best in the person to capture...View more