Nordic Minimalist Style

Interior design and decoration where the premise is "less is more" ...

Minimalism beyond a simple decorative style. It is a philosophy and a way of seeing life taken to decoration whose motto could be like that of Mies van Der Rohe “less is more”. It is a style that looks for wide spaces, little furniture but with a particular touch and a lot of design. Spaces that allow us to see or show off that special piece with perspective to be able to contemplate and savor it. One of the most important keys to this style is lighting.

Good lighting will avoid abusing bulbs or excess lamps. As for fabrics, in this style the design prevails with sober lines and elegant sleeves. The minimalist style avoids excess cushions and opts for large cushions. The minimalist style is said to cause well-being, and that is a consequence of the characteristic visual order of this style caused by the fact that it does not have an excess of furniture.

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