Our philosophy:
people, places & emotions

At Tinda’s Project we turn passions, dreams and ideas into distinctive, unique places. Spaces impregnated with the character of the people who thought and imagined them to transform all that energy into something realistic. The place and space to be lived.

We are professional interior designers with a passion for detail and a vocation for what we do. An interior design company with the purpose to make the people who reach to us the true protagonists in the design of each space and share with them the experience of creating places where they feel at home.

Eva Mesa is the soul of Tinda’s and the creator of this project for more than fifteen years. She is the essence of each interior design. But Tinda’s goes further: the studio is formed by a multidisciplinary team of interior architects where each one of us brings our vision, care and love to each project. We work hand in hand in every room, every textile and every finish. Because we are joined by our passion for interior design, architecture and decoration.

"Your home is your favorite place, and that is my goal, to be where you are best."

Eva Mesa

"I am passionate about teaming up with the client, making them feel safe, calm and almost that you are part of their family during the project."

Jaime Valdés

"As a landscaper my job is to bring nature closer to people's lives."

Manuel Maíllo